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Vote for Luckā„¢

There are no coins in the server (yet) and our Opening Lottery event came to an end yesterday, so we decided to reward your votes with... luck.

Wait around ten minutes after your vote and you should have this icon in the top left corner - meaning you have a higher chance of progressing your skill.

Watch this space to learn about further opportunities to earn at Masters of War!

Game update v1.0.2
  • Fixed the view of wrong country-flags on other players
  • Raised the drop chance of some two-handed weapons
  • Added Hourglass' Sand (1h) as side drop from monsters
  • Added Hourglass' Sand (4h) to General Store
  • All Private Shops receive 8h of Offline Time.
  • The following herbs are now searchable in the Shop Search: Peach Blossom, Thistle, Plumbago, Grinderlia, Jamul, Ganoderma, Lippia, Sundew.
  • Fixed and reformulated Deadly Sins:
    • Fixed the location mark.
Game update v1.0.1

Another update containing fixes and improvements came tonight at 1:00 CET. There it goes:

  • Fixed Guild creation cost.
  • The Loading Screen now displays several tips about the game.
  • Fixes and improvements on the Deadly Sins:
  • They are now a bit easier to destroy.
  • Improved the drop tables.
  • All damage dealers receive a Deadly Sin Fragment after it has been destroyed.
  • Their approximate location is displayed in the Large Map.
  • Raised the drop chance of Bronz...
Game update v1.0.0

Some much needed updated and fixes are being implemented tonight at 1:00 CEST. There it goes:

  • Fixed an issue with Metin Stones not dropping anything.
  • Fixed an issue with the Deadly Sin Stones.
  • Fixed an issue with Jong-Chug's (Pet Dealer) shop.
  • Fixed getting stuck on fake Monkey Dungeon instances.
  • Fixed party member tracker in Large Map after disbanding groups.
  • Rarity level and bonuses are now highlighted even if the item is not usable.
  • Raised sharply the drop chance o...
Server is open!

Server is now open. Enjoy!

Those of you who did not receive a confirmation e-mail please write to [email protected] to confirm it manually.

In case your password does not work, try resetting it and using no more than 16 characters for it.

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