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The Christmas Season Events
In this post we will reveal the Events that will come during the Christmas Season:
  • 9th Dec-6th January - Christmas Event you can now check the event guide on our discord
  • 10th Dec 19:00 CET - Book Day
  • 12th Dec 19:00 CET - PvP Tournament
  • 17th Dec 18:00 CET - OX Event
  • 19th Dec 19:00 CET - PvP Tournament
  • 24th Dec 08:00 CET - Moonlight Box Event
  • 25th Dec 08:00 CET - Moonlight Box Event
  • 26th Dec 19:00 CET - PvP Tournament...
Game update v1.1.2
Here's the change log for this version:
  • Fixed Soul Stone bug.
  • Preparations for Christmas Event.
About Christmas Event...
The maintenance is aimed to implement everything related to Christmas season. You'll notice the villages have been given a festive atmosphere and soon enough you will get to interact with Santa to see what he has prepared for you.
Game update v1.1.1
Here's the change log for this version:
  • Fixed the level of Chaos Metin of Pride.
  • Fixed link of items in trade window log.
  • Fixed Nectars being dropped to the ground while active.
  • Fixed the level limit of Beginner and Basic Bonus Changers (40 and 60, respectively).
  • Fixed Camera and Fog settings not being loaded correctly.
  • Fixed Deadly Sin spawn message.
  • Fixed Deadly Sin position not being displayed sometimes.
  • Fixed Time Elixir dropping without time.
  • Ra...
PvP Tournament Results
The first ever PvP Tournament has come to and end, and here are the master fighters for each division:

Bronze Division: Vanquish, lv. 39 Shaman
Silver Division: PanicTotaL, lv. 55 Warrior of WorldClass
Gold Division: Ramos, lv. 7...
Itemshop is live

The Masters of War Itemshop is now Live for Beta Testing. We have added a small selection of items while we make sure everything runs smoothly, but we will be constantly adding new ones, particularly of the cosmetic type.

We invite you to join our Discord #suggestions channel and tell us what you would like to see there. Don't forget the Holiday Season is near!

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